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September 2014
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A new Spy App for Android – Spy Mobil

There is a new Spy App for smartphones, including Android phones! The new Spy Mobil app has standard basic spy features, at a budget price.

As well as being available for a wide range of smartphones (Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x, and Symbian), one of the interesting features of Spy Mobil is that there is a ‘lifetime’ subscription, which represents excellent value for money.

Apart from that, Spy Mobil is available for three or six month subscriptions.

Features include:

  • Logging of all SMS messages – sender’s/receiver’s numbers, timestamp and contents.
  • Logging all calls – caller’s/called numbers, timestamp and duration.
  • GPS logging – log of the phone’s position every 15 minutes.

Pricing is as follows:

If you are looking for an Android spy app at a low cost, then don’t delay and BUY NOW!!

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Spybubble’s Small Monthly Payments

One of the issues with buying any Spy App is that the cost is usually annual, or no more frequent than quarterly. While the software is very good, it can be cumbersome having to spend a large sum once a year, or a medium-sized sum every quarter.

Well, all that has changed now that Spybubble is here!

After the initial setup cost of $59.95, you pay a regular monthly fee of $7.95 for as long as you wish to use the app! No extra costs, and no large sum to find at the end of the year.

Spybubble works on a range of smart-phones, including many Android phones from a range of manufacturers. Check out this page for compatibility information.

With the high annual cost of most spy apps, Spybubble could be an excellent alternative, and those low monthly charges are very welcome!

So go and check it out! Remember – if you order your copy NOW, you could be using the software TODAY!

Spybubble for Android

Until recently, there has only been one option for spyphone packages on Android: Mobile Spy.

But there is now a new kid on the block. Also available now on the BlackBerry and Symbian smartphone platforms, and coming soon on the iPhone, this new package is available for Android right now! It’s called Spybubble, and here are its features:

  • See ALL entries in the phone’s contact list/address book.
  • See all incoming and outgoing calls. If the number is in the phone’s address book/contact list, that information is also shown.
  • See every SMS message, even after it has been deleted by the phone’s user.
  • Track the location of the phone, using its GPS receiver (if present, and for as long as there is a GPS signal).

All these features are available for a convenient monthly charge.

Spybubble uses a monthly billing model. The first month costs $59.95, and subsequent months are a very reasonable $7.95 per month after that. This ability to spread the cost across the year is invaluable.

So try it now! Sign up at Spybubble or compare prices on our BUY NOW page.

Don’t delay! Buy a copy today!!

Reverse Lookup a Number

Have you ever seen a number on someone’s phone, and wondered whose it was?

Maybe you installed an Android spy app on somebody’s phone, and you have seen them calling one number frequently, or receiving long calls from a number. And it’s started to bug you – you need to know who it is, but it’s so darned difficult to find out!

Well, worry no more – relief is at hand! The nice people at Reverse Lookup a Number have provided a service whereby you enter a phone number and find out in seconds whose number it is! This service works with landlines and cellphones. You never need wonder again whether it’s a friend, or a sneaky bit on the side! Or whether it’s a customer, or your competitor!

The free basic search will show you where the number is (in the case of a landline), and gives you the option of the full report. If you opt for the full report, there is a fee (such is the way of modern life), but really it’s a tiny amount to pay to be secure in the knowledge that you are not being lied to, or taken for a ride. What’s more, there is an annual subscription at very reasonable rates, which allows you to make unlimited requests for a whole year! Be safe – use the very best Android spy app, and use this service – the best way to reverse lookup a number.

So bookmark this address, it’s seriously worth it!

What is an Android Spy App?

An Android Spy App is basically an application that allows you to spy on somebody else’s Android phone

The main example of an Android Spy App is Mobile Spy. This application is an extremely powerful program that allow you to keep track of the Android phone and its user.

For example, it is possible to track the Android phone using its built-in GPS (as long as the phone is equipped with a GPS receiver), as well as read all SMS messages sent to and from the phone. The calls record can be read, with the calls linked to the user’s contact list.

Right now, there is only Mobile Spy on the market – and it has a simple pricing model (there is only one version of the software). See our BUY NOW page for more information.